‘Plastic-free’ podium for Team Intrinsic at Croyde Ocean Triathlon

'Plastic-free' third place for Team Intrinsic at Croyde Ocean Tri

Team Intrinsic’s Matt Cox celebrated Shark Awareness Day limbs intact by coming 3rd overall at the ‘plastic-free’ Croyde Ocean Triathlon.

He completed the Olympic distance course in 02:27:52.7 to achieve a top three category and gender ranking. Moreover, Matt shaved more than 4 minutes off the previous year’s finish despite getting snarled up in traffic and a minor mechanical on the bike.

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Intrinsic triathlete finishes 2nd at prestigious property tri

Team Intrinsic’s Matthew Cox finished 2nd overall at this year’s JLL Property Triathlon, jumping from fourth in 2018 despite early season injury and a potentially costly error in transition.

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