From Lockdown to Re-Occupancy

As businesses gradually emerge from Covid-19 lockdown towards re-populating their premises, they face some key considerations for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all those within their buildings.

Covid-19 lockdown ‘toolkit’

In lockdown, Intrinsic developed its Covid-19 Maintenance Review ‘toolkit ‘ for use by Clients within their existing Term Consultancy service package.  The user-friendly resource offered a structured way for property owners to manage the changes in a building’s use whilst maintaining legislative compliance:

  • M&E Considerations
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Change Log
  • Existing Control Schedule
  • Temporary Control Schedule
  • Legislative Compliance

Moving beyond lockdown

Crucially as businesses emerge from lockdown, the toolkit offers a comprehensive record of all changes to a premises’ operating systems. Furthermore, it forms the basis for prioritising inspections and maintenance activities as access to buildings is eased.

Our focus now is providing bespoke strategies to help Clients prepare their buildings for return to occupancy, whatever form that takes. They can depend on Intrinsic to take the stress out of the process with an honest, open approach to the what, when, how and why.

Whatever a building’s unique requirements, we tailor our services to meet them safely and with the wellbeing of all users in mind.

Get in touch with Intrinsic’s team for expert guidance on moving your property from lockdown to re-occupancy.